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This INCREDIBUNDLE includes all you need to make your own TOPDOWN RPG game or dungeon crawler. Tilesets, characters, weapons, potions, sound fx and a lot of stuff you want.

DOWNLOAD THE FREE DEMO! (link below) including:  10 Shields + 10 swords + 1 playable character + 2 tilesets.

  • Tilesets
  • Player (Idle + Walk + Run)
  • Enemies (Idle + attack)
  • Axes (+ smears)
  • Swords (+ smears)
  • Bows 
  • Shields
  • Hammers (+ smears)
  • Little flask
  • Big flask
  • Potions
  • Keys
  • Doors
  • Animated coin
  • Crates
  • Wood signs
  • Wood + paper signs empty
  • Wood + paper signs with text
  • Hit sfx
  • Coins sfx
  • Swords sfx
  • Jump sfx
  • Powerups sfx

  • EmojiPack
  • FireFX
  • RPGui Asset Pack (300 Assets)
  • PixelFood 1.0

If you need, you can purchase some of this assets one by one:


Buy Now$60.50 USD or more

In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $60.50 USD. You will get access to the following files:

TopdownRPG - Incredibundle Asset pack.zip 7 MB

Download demo

Topdown-incredibundle DEMO.rar 69 kB

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1. Can i use this for commercial projects?
2. Are there any engine restrictions?
3. Can i modify the assests in order to fit my game?

Great! I am planning on create a RPG game to my next project, was looking for assets and found this nice one, nice work!

Why only paypal for purchase? I really would like to buy it, but I won't use PayPal after their latest policy changes.

The Emoji_Comic_Pack_1.0.zip file within TopdownRPG - Incredibundle Asset pack.zip is corrupted and won't unzip. The rest unzip fine, though. The RPG HUD zip appears to have another copy of Pixelfood inside of it?! It's a nice bundle and worth the $30, but the file structure is a bit of a mess to be honest.


Just to say that, if like me you're on Windows, rename the Emoji Pack zip fle to .rar instead, and then unrar it, and it'll work. It's not corrupted, it just isn't a zip file :)

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Is it possible to get the new assets separately?

It looks like there is stuff in here that's not in any of the other products.

Specifically this stuff:

  • Tilesets
  • Player (Idle + Walk + Run)
  • Enemies (Idle + attack)
  • Axes (+ smears)
  • Swords (+ smears)
  • Bows 
  • Shields
  • Hammers (+ smears)