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the rar only contains: TILESET_darksouls1.png, TILESET_darksouls2.png,TILESET_darksouls3.png,TILESET_darksouls4.png

Is something missing? 

Thanks for putting this up narehop! Here's a game I made using your tileset (added you to the credits too).

Hi, can we use a purchased asset to more than one game?

Or it just licensed as a single product (one license for one game only).

you can use it. no problem

wow, that's great. thanks!

The download only contains the sky background and the tilesets for floors and assets.  It's missing the parallax backgrounds, the foreground and the character asset?  Are those available?

Let me check it and I will update it! Thanks for your feedback

Thanks Narehop, any update on this?

Could I use it in my commercial project? Could I modify or remix it to fit my project?


yes, you can

Thanks for reply.

Please add a license info to the page and to the zip file.