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Thanks a lot for the pack


Wonderful pack

These are perfect! Thank you so much!

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Grabbing these to use for a jam submission, thanks for helping out in a pinch!

Appreciated, will save a ton of work!

Thanks for this! it saves time. Do you also happen to have some for Xbox and Nintendo Switch or PC

Thanks a lot for your work! It is a real time saver!


thank you so much!!


Thank you for these so much!! :)

thank you so much!!

Thank you for these :)


Thanks for the pack! Super cool of you to offer it for free :)

Very useful thank you so much!!

Thank you very much!

Thank you so much!


thanks man!

Great asset!

Thank you!

thank you for the asset!

thank you this will be usefull to me, im sorry for my bad english i dont know howspeak english


Thank You !

Thanks  bro, great work!

Thanks for this! Best wishes on your projects! Love you! :*

Thanks for this!

Thank you very much! this really helped me with the development of a mobile game I was working on, and it saved me up to 70% of my time not having to design buttons, thanks

These are just what I was looking for and look great. Thanks so much!

Massive Thanks!

Thanks for sharing this, it looks so good, i used 2 images for the pads.
I used it in my free game, i gave credit in-game.

Thank you so much for these!

Cool merci

Cool thanks!

Thank you so much

Thanks :)

Thank You !

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